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Welcome to Taste Swedish

This is a presentation of restaurants and cafés around Sweden, which invests in modern Swedish cuisine, rooted in the traditions of genuine and authentic materials.

Criteria for Taste Swedish:

  • Seasonal product
  • Local / Regional food
  • Organic products
  • Traditional primary proucts and dishes: the area's mushrooms, berries, fruits, game, fish, herbs ...
  • Innovation based on Swedish traditions

Do you miss any companies that have ambitions to work according to the criteria? Have you found anything wrong? Please contact us at EkoMatCentrum: We will immediately fix it.
EkoFoodCentre - Information Centre for organic products, is a non-profit organization that creates interest in organic produce and contributes to sustainable production methods. That means organic products, i.e. EU organic, KRAV- and Demeter-certified, MSC-labelled,.
Members of EkoFoodCentre are people and companies in the food sector who would influence the development towards a better environment and sustainable production methods globally and locally.

For more information:  

Taste Swedish is produced with the support of the Board of Agriculture.

About  Swedish Taste
The basis of the criteria for Taste Swedish is "Manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen." This manifesto was created by the best chefs and restaurants in the Nordic region to highlight the Nordic distinctive and tasty meal that can compare with the best cuisines in the world.

Smaka Svenskt produceras av EkoMatCentrum, HÃ¥ven 2, 193 41 Sigtuna. Tel 08-779 59 29 Epost
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